I’m so lucky that you're here! I’m a traveling wedding and portrait photographer currently based in San Angelo, Texas. I’m a husband and a father with an unhealthy obsession for tacos and breakfast burritos and my day is never complete unless I squeeze and kiss my wife and kids.

I am not here to be just a guy with a camera or to follow a list of cliche poses and fake moments. I am here because your love story begs an author and I want to tell your story by capturing the true, authentic and in-between moments. As your wedding photographer I am here to guide you through the entire process, from the moment you contact me to well after your wedding.



In the last few years as a photographer and photographing everything under the sun, I’ve learned that my passion isn’t just people but people in love. 

Every couples session, every wedding, I’m always looking to capture true and authentic connection. The real and honest moments aren’t usually the moments you think they are, they're in between and those moments are intimate, silly and sometimes awkward. We don’t get their by posing only but by letting you live in the moment of your very own love story.

When you look back on your images I want you to remember the soft wind blowing through your hair, your fiancé genuine smile and laugh or the moment the both of you let your guard down just enough for your personalities to really shine through. Every moment, every smile and every fleeting emotion can be captured and remembered for generations to come.

This is your story and these are your moments. If you’re up to inviting me into your story to document it then reach out and say “Hey!” and we’ll tell one hell of an amazing love story.


an evening in my life

If you can't tell, most of my work with couples is intimate, natural and personal. I achieve this by encouraging my couples to be vulnerable in front of me but for this to work I must first be open and vulnerable with you. My first step into this with you is down below, giving you a glimpse at what I hold close to my heart.

Here’s a glimpse into an ordinary evening with my family.

What you’ll see is an imperfect family evening that is perfect in every way. You’ll see my wife cooking us a meal, a newly moved in home still waiting on furniture and for things to go where they belong. Cecelia doing her gang signs and toothless smile, Madelynn photo bombing when she can to practice her model stance and Levi stuffing his face and crying like he always does. It’s just a glimpse into an ordinary evening but most importantly, memories for us down the road.