Keep it classy 🤙🏻

This booth was designed for those who only what a classic and timeless feel minus the props. No goofy props just good looking people.



The Classic Booth is a must have for your wedding or special event. Each event is treated with care and creativity not found with other San Angelo Photo Booth rentals. We provide professional studio quality lighting against our simple, clean and timeless backdrops which produces professional high resolution images for you and your guest to instantly view, print and share digitally.


The Classic Booth is owned and operated by San Angelo Wedding Photographer Anthony Godines and is a must have for your wedding or special event and here's why.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I know and understand it is almost always impossible for the photographer to photograph every person at your wedding or event. Sometimes there’s just too many people and other times some people just avoid the camera altogether. With our photo booth we offer a fun and simple way for guests to take their own photos on their time. I can’t promise nip slips, full moons or any other drunken shenanigans at your wedding or event, but I can promise it’ll be captured, maybe.

This is San Angelo Photo Booth photography at its finest. No other photo booth in San Angelo offers unlimited studio quality images on a simple, timeless and clean backdrop. The Photo Booth is based in San Angelo, TX but I can take it pretty much anywhere in the state and beyond. 

The Photo Booth is more than just taking photos. It brings excitement, fun and smiles to weddings and events. 

If you would like to see more booth options then check out my other site for more information.


  • Professional Attendant

  • Slim Open Air Design

  • Pro DSLR Camera & Studio Lighting

  • Unlimited Photos

  • No Props

  • White Backdrop

  • Instant Social Sharing via Email/Text*

  • Unlimited Instant Prints

  • 4×6″ Print Size Upgrade

  • B&W Filter

  • Gallery of Edited JPG Photos

  • Free Delivery*

*Terms & Policies: Pricing details apply to San Angelo, Texas. Contact us for additional location rates. State Sales Tax may apply. Venue Wifi access required for Instant Sharing. Limited booths and locations available for delivery.


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How do I reserve my date? 

It’s a non-refundable retainer of $100 to reserve your date. Please begin by filling out the contact form. You can also reach out directly to San Angelo Photo Booth to view more booth options, backdrops, templates and more.

What is an “Open-Air” Photo Booth? 

An open air photo booth typically has a camera set-up with an open backdrop. It also means you don’t have to squeeze inside a closed-in booth. Instead the open-air booth allows you to comfortably fit large groups of people and quickly get more people in and out of the booth. Usually, the open air photo booth set-up has various backdrops that clients can pick from before hand to try and match your theme/colors. Ultimately, open air is usually best. It’s open design allows multiple people to jump in and usually entices on lookers to join the fun.

How do your photo booths work? 

Typically you grab a few friends or jump in solo, whichever floats your boat. Grab a few props or go prop-less and let your personalities and imagination do all the work. If you're not feeling the silly vibes and props for your event, that’s ok. Check out our classic booth package, designed just for you.

How many photos can we take? 

As long as the photo booth is there you and your guest can take an unlimited amount of photos. We do have a cut off time which is about 5 minuets before the end of our service. In these five minuets we wind it down and get ready to pack up. If we’re needed longer, its no problem, just pay for the additional time after the event.

How fast does each print take? 

It’s pretty darn fast! A typical print takes about 6-10 seconds to print.

How many people can fit in the open-air photo booth? 

6 people fit comfortably but we’ve had 16+ people jump in. Note that we can’t always move and or guarantee everyone will fit into a single photo.

Do you provide props? 

This particular booth does not come with props as it is meant to be simple, elegant and prop free. If you would like a different booth please check out San Angelo Photo Booth to view more booth options.

Do you provide different backdrops?

No, this booth comes with a clean white backdrop. If you would like a different booth please check out San Angelo Photo Booth to view more booth options as well as our many different backdrops.

Can the photo booth be setup outdoors? 

To meet our high standards 100% of the time we require this particular photo booth for indoor use only. If your event is outdoors contact San Angelo Photo Booth to see what other options might be available.

What kind of space is required at the venue? 

9′ x 9′ x 9′ working space, Backdrop against a solid wall and 25ft. access to a fully powered 3 prong outlet. Due to power issues we cannot share this outlet with other vendors.

Do you offer Social Sharing?

Of course! Our booth has the ability to email or text the images directly to themselves and then share from their personal device.