Your photos, no, your memories and your story should be displayed, experienced and accessed easily. They don't deserve to be locked and forgotten on a hard drive or quickly scrolled passed on social media.

Which of these will your kids or grandkids be able to access easily in the next 15 years?



You NEED a wedding album. You NEED prints. And let me say this from the get-go. Any photographer not offering you an album or prints is doing you a disservice.

If your precious wedding photos spend their lives only on the laptop or some online gallery. End up in a super shiny photo book where the colors look terrible because the printer quality is wrong.

That hurts.

That’s probably the biggest downer after the wedding for me.

Photos are not made for the screen. They are made for print. They are made to be held in your hands. For your grandkids to find them in 50 years and hold them in their hands.

Come on, how cool was it, when you first found your grandparent’s wedding picture and ran your fingers over it?

You need a quality wedding album - it is an investment in your future and beyond.

I find it incredibly fascinating to look at old photos of our relatives. It's such a shame that there are so few of them, because during that time you just didn’t photograph as much. Photos were something special. Something valuable.

So the way you are feeling while looking at faded family photos these days, one day the generations after you will go through the same feelings when they look at your pictures.

What a beautiful legacy to have and to hold, if you can carry on an entire album of your wedding, and they can hold it in their hands and tell the stories of Grandma and Grandpa’s great love.

Sounds corny? I don’t care. I’m here not just for you but the future you.

I also don’t take these pictures just for you, they will live longer than you. Crazy thought, I know. But it’s true. I take pictures for your family, your kids and grandkids. If you decide not to have any, these images will still outlive you. They will be proof that you existed. That you loved and were loved.

Give them a worthy frame.