Fort Davis, Texas Indian Lodge Elopement | Lisa and Jose

Lisa and Jose and decided to elope to Fort Davis, Texas. A place that is really becoming a second home. Eloping was not their first decision either! They initially contacted me with one of the greatest emails I ever received.

“Mr. Godines! Let me please just start by saying how beautiful your photos are blessed with amazing talent! Your photos excited me and moved me to tears! No other portfolios have done that.”

I read through this email super pumped to chat and photograph them except I was already booked. I replied to Lisa thanking her for the awesome email and to let her know I was unfortunately unavailable.

To my surprise she asked me what other dates I have available and long story short they changed their date and their wedding to an elopement. I’m still in shock that a couple has changed their wedding plans around just to have me “work” with them!

The date they picked was May 4th and we had a little fun with that using some Star Wars props. All in all I really enjoyed their company and was super blessed to have been apart of their day.

My wife and I feel we left Fort Davis with two new friends and and I hope we can enjoy some tacos together Mrs. NeverMissesATacoTuesdayLisa.

Here are some of my favorites, enjoy!