Small and Intimate Wedding At The Vineyards | Heather & Justin


I want to talk about small weddings for a moment. Heather and Justin had their small and intimate wedding out at Christoval Vineyards. It was an amazing time just watching, observing and documenting the relationships of those involved. Everyone here was invested and that's what matters most. Some people think weddings require you to invite everyone. Know their name? Invite them. Mom has an obscure connection with them, invite them.

I call bull shit. Only invite those closest to you. Yea, feelings might get hurt but that's ok. A wedding isn't held to make others happy and I think tradition has helped shape people into thinking this, either outright or subconsciously. A successful marriage doesn't take just two people in love, it takes a community of individuals invested in your relationship for better and for worse. These are the people you invite. Not the individuals invested in your open bar. Don't settle for less, your marriage deserves more.

Here's a few of my favorite images from Heather and Justins wedding. Hope you enjoy.