West Texas Wedding Photographer | Sarah & Christopher


This is one of my first Texas engagement sessions where I did both photo and video. I met up with Sarah, Chris and their son Noah a few weeks back for their Texas engagement session. We started a small part of the first half of the session doing family style photos (kinda a first time thing for me) and then moved into couples only. 

When it comes to my couples sessions I always think it's a good idea to include anything and everything that's important to you as a couple. Sometimes that means bringing kids to the shoot and for those without kids it might mean bringing pets.

I also believe that my sessions should mainly be a place for couples to spend quality alone time with each other and have time to reconnect through the hectic work week. So we limit distractions (yes, our own children are distractions! haha) and we limit the time of third parties in the shoot.

So to my future couples, yes your children are allowed. Yes, your pets are allowed. I encourage you to include them! But remember, during our shoot their time will be limited so we can get back to the main focus, you.

Here is the video we created along with a few of my favorite images.

Hope you enjoy!