Top Texas Wedding Planning Tips

While your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, it is also one of the hardest events you will ever plan and will therefore lead to a lot of stress. In truth, every wedding is completely unique in that it utilizes a combination of features never seen before which all seems worth it on the day. However, it might not seem this way during the time leading up to the big day. For this reason, we have compiled a list of fantastic wedding planning tips!

Figure out the Date

As soon as you set the date for the wedding, everything else will fall into place nicely so this will actually have to be one of the first things you do. Not only can you work out if your family are available, you can start to book certain sections over time and get your dream venue booked. 


Secure a Photographer

Believe it or not, you are not the only person getting married on your set date so be sure to book your chosen San Antonio, Texas photographer early. Once the wedding has passed, all that's left are your memories and the photos of your wedding, hopefully preserved in one of our heirloom quality albums. 

Don't forget to do your research when it comes to selecting your photographer as there are many different ones out there to choose from. With so many photographers to choose from you'll realize they all have their own style. Do you want traditional images, heavily posed images, maybe something more candid and evoke certain emotions? Take your time looking through portfolios online to choose what you feel will tell your best love story.

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Venue Location

Although we touched upon this point previously, your venue is essential and you will need to get it booked as early as possible so you don’t lose it or have to wait a year longer than you want to. When considering different venues, you will need to think about the location and how everyone will get there, how much space is available, how much it costs, and more. If possible, look into the seasonal discounts on offer. When it comes to the venue, you don’t want to regret a bad decision so don’t rush into something you aren't completely happy with. 

There we have it, some superb wedding planning tips. As long as you keep these in mind, you will see your stress levels reduce by the day and you can fully enjoy the lead up to the big day!