I love the Internet and I love social media. To be honest I might be an instagram addict.

But I’m working on it..

Meanwhile, I’ve also learned that I do not need to photograph every sunset with my iPhone. But to just take a look, look up again, take a deep breath and simply enjoy it.

It’s just more beautiful, if you are in the important and emotional moments fully involved with the situation. Without distraction. Be there. Fully aware. 
With a screen in front of the nose this is not possible and will not happen.

I want to encourage you to celebrate an ‘unplugged’ ceremony without technology.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

During the ceremony it is incredibly sad and disturbing when guests hold their cell phones and cameras into the picture. You only see screens, but no faces, no more emotions. The screen is in the foreground. Too bad about your photos - in which no emotion can be seen. And pity my photographs - because I can not help it, when images are being ruined because 10 mobile phones are held into the picture. 

During the remaining wedding party, it is not quite as bad, and also does not bother me further.

But especially during the wedding ceremony, it would be a wonderful idea to ask your guests to not take pictures - or collect all devices with a little basket at the entrance of the ceremony location. 

Another good one is the first dance or the speeches - where we try to capture what is going on in the background, you know, any emotional reactions of people. It's just sad when there are none, because everyone has a phone or camera in front of their face to record what I am already capturing. 

Whether you ask your guests in the invitation or put up a note on your wedding day about not using the phone during the ceremony you will be happy later, when you can see your guests emotions in your wedding photos and not their phones!