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Make the Most out of your Engagement Session

So, the two of you have decided to document your love story, this is EXCITING! But, you might be experiencing some nervous jitters and that is perfectly ok, not many people, including myself feel totally comfortable in front of the camera. This photo session is all about capturing true and authentic moments where you two truly connect, this is something I seek out at every shoot. We won’t be doing traditional (maybe a few for mom and grandma) and we definitely won’t be doing cheesy. Here’s some things you can do to make the most out of your photo session. Oh, and don’t stress, I’m here to guide you along the way to amazing images!


Think about a photo that you’ve seen that you just can’t forget. The photo may have not been perfectly framed, maybe it was imperfect in every way except for the fact that it more than likely made you feel something. Honest emotion, true and authentic connection is our goal for every photo shoot. When you let your guard down and your true personalities come through, these images will be unforgettable, they will make you and yours feel something for generations to come. Honesty and vulnerability are encouraged, there is never any judgment here. Don’t show up to the shoot thinking you should act a certain way. Just be you. I’ll be there every step of the way so that we get your best possible love story. 



These days it can be hard to find time for each other with work, school, kids and anything else that demands our time. I like these sessions to be a way for you to forget about the world for a few hours and just be present with each other. But, don’t let it start or end there, take the entire day and just focus on each other. Grab some shakes, watch a movie, heck have a picnic in the park, just do you. By the time your session rolls around you'll both be happy and your most true self.


Don’t worry too much about what to wear. What!? Yes, I’m sure you’re wondering how you could possibly not worry about your wardrobe, but, everything will be ok! Keep in mind, we are capturing who you two really are. If you dress like yourself you'll guess what, feel like your yourself! When you feel like yourself you'll be more comfortable than if you dressed out of the ordinary. No matter what your everyday outfit is, vans, jeans and a sweater, just be you and keep it natural. Any uncomfortableness will show through the images and we don't want that!



These sessions can go in an infinite amount of directions. If there’s something the two of you enjoy doing together we can incorporate it into our shoot. It can be anything from grabbing some shakes at the local ice cream shop, cooking a meal together, enjoying a hot cup of joe or simply hanging out together on the couch with a few beers. This is a great way to add a huge personal touch to your images as well as help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. 


I always aim to help my couples relax and feel comfortable. One way I do that is by playing music to not only kill those inevitable awkward silences but to help enhance the mood or even help create a mood. I always bring a bluetooth speaker with me and play music at all my sessions. I have playlist of all the songs given to me from previous shoots and I ask all my couples to send me their top 5 songs. This means I have a pretty diverse selection of music and helps me find new music at the same time!



We’re not sitting in the middle of Sunday church service, so don’t feel like you need to act a certain way as I said before. We're going to dance, laugh at random and awkward moments, tell dirty jokes, play different games and act out some activities. There are no rules, do what you gotta do. You may think that the perfect moment is at the climax of whatever activity you may doing ant any given time, but it's not. The perfect moment is where you least expect it, in the out takes, in the in between moments, here is where you truly shine.


The environment you choose will help set the tone for your love story just like music. So where’s your favorite place? Your home? That one spot you visited a few years back? A dense forest? Wherever it is lets shoot where you feel your best.